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Address : Shop No. He is also known by the title of Jyotish Samrat for his impeccable astrological predictions.

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He is a master in the field of Vastu Shastra, astrological prediction, Tantric practice, Numerology, Palmistry and use of gemstones for energy and healing. His amulets and rudraksha are famous for bringing luck, prosperity, peace and harmony for the wearer.

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You can seek him for consultation regarding love, marriage, career, health, business or familial problems. Jyotish S. Acharya has is a highly reputed and experienced astrologer in Kolkata. He has been in this field for more than 33 years and has received many accolades for his consultation. He is known for using scientific methods to offer astrological solutions to the problems, including facial reading, prediction of marriages as well as appropriate names for children. His understanding developed from his years of studies regarding human body language and how they depict the situations of their life.

He is an active member of the A.

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Astrological Research Project. He is an expert in cases related to marriage, education and any type of legal problems.

He offers services including astrological consultation, horoscope reading, Vastu Shastra as well as correct usage of gems for luck and health. Shree Bhaskar is a well-known Astro palmist and consultant in Kolkata. He has over two decades of experience in astrology, having started his career in His specializes in palmistry, numerology, physiognomy, horoscope charts, colour therapy, handwriting analyser and Vastu Shastra. Any problems regarding career, love and marriage, health can be brought to him.

He also serves as a pandit for puja, havan as well as marriage ceremonies. Mr Bhaskar believes that astrology is a science itself and it contains a vast amount of knowledge.

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He has specifically learnt and practised it for decades to provide help to those seeking it. He has received an acknowledgement from well known astrological institutes associated with the government. Dr R Shastri is a highly qualified and registered member of M. He was born in one of the most renowned family in Kolkata and has been awarded with many significant awards for his noticeable contribution in many astrological fields in India. He has received several awards and gold medals. Jyotish Samrat Sri S. Sri Acharya is an active member of A.

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