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Virgo is the most loyal, hardworking sign in the zodiac, but they tend to be overly shy and worry more than usual. Libras are commonly known to be diplomatic and great at compromising, but fully leaning into their decisions can be a scary thing for them. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

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But the downside to this is that, because they are so immersed in these things, they get jealous and insecure when anything threatens them. Sagittarius may be the funny, charismatic one of the bunch, but sometimes they have a hard time not lashing out when things get tough. Remember that sometimes silence says a lot more than words ever will, and in order to keep your relationships intact, it takes some work on both of your parts. Being that Capricorns are super responsible and self-disciplined, it can be hard for them to cope with the fact that not everyone else is the same way.

If this is you, make sure that you're accepting that everyone is different, and that you're forgiving and forgetting when things finally get settled.

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The only person you're hurting by keeping a grudge is yourself. Gentle, wise, artistic Pisces is commonly thought of as the sweetest sign of the zodiac, but in that they can sometimes use that image to their advantage when something goes wrong. Remember, if this is you, to stop playing the victim and take responsibility over your own life. Follow Us. Sign in. Kayla Cavanagh. Quotes , Zodiac August 10, We all need a boost every now and then.

Aries March 21 - April 19 : Patience. Taurus April 20 - May 20 : Compromise. Gemini May 21 - June 20 : Decision-Making. Cancer June 21 - July 22 : Pessimism. Leo July 23 - August 22 : Stubbornness. Virgo August 23 - September 22 : Shyness. Taurus: that their friends will like someone more than them, that their plans will not work as they wanted to, that their lives will become chaotic. Virgo: that their hard work will surmount to nothing, that their friends will suffer because of them, that advice they gave to someone will go badly.

1. Libra (September 23 — October 22)

Scorpio: that their insecurities about their relationships will ring true, that they are not unique or special in any way. Sagittarius: that people will see through their confidence, that they will be trapped or tied down, that they are disliked. Capricorn: that they are wrong, that they cannot control any situation, that they are weak minded or stupid.

Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn, Cancer texting each other back and forth for more than two solid years while each one still waiting for the other person to open up first. Aries: the hero sent to boarding school as a child against their will to acquire an education. Taurus: the lady who wanders corridors in a nightgown holding a candle. Cancer: the monster who is feared by society, but is truly gentle and only wants love. Leo: the mysterious gentleman who appears unexpectedly. Virgo: the blonde young woman confined to her room by a stern family.

Libra: the hardworking orphan who rises in social status. Scorpio: the Byronic hero, constantly almost doing the right thing. Sagittarius: the loving parent who dies of tuberculosis early on. Capricorn: the gardener who says mysterious and unsettling things. Aquarius: the woman who can see ghosts.

Moon in Capricorn horoscope (All about Capricorn Moon zodiac sign)

Pisces: the detective who suspects some sort of supernatural element may be at play. Because they go through the same things or experienced some of these things and can relate easily. They are such passionate and dedicated people.

2. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Focused, intense and giving. They make it so easy to admire them for why they do and achieve. Like everything they say, touch or do means something and is calculated carefully and planned. How honest, fair and hard working they are. I just love them with my whole being. With lots of mental energy here, cappy moons are often quite humorous with a more dark, dry, and sarcastic sense of humor and their words are often direct, to the point, and maybe even a little witty.

Just remember that being overly rational can cut yourself off from the bigger and more open minded picture. Capricorn mars: Represented by the goat, Capricorn in mars takes full charge in order to climb to new heights. Cap mars are often goal oriented, ambitious, and secure driven which ultimately is what leads to their success. A Capricorn Venus likes to take things at their own pace.

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  • A relationship to a Capricorn Venus is like an investment. Capricorn Jupiter: When the planet of expansion falls in the sign of time it can be quite indicative of a rather slow, gradual, and life long accomplishment. Capricorn Uranus: When the sign of tradition and structure falls in the planet of change and rebellion it can cause quite an interesting energy! These individuals will likely utilize the lessons learned within the past in order to create change for the future. Capricorn Neptune: These individuals will often use their rationality in order to bring their ideas to life.

    Traditionally Neptune holds a sense of imagination and creativity but with Capricorn here, this placement becomes more logic based. Be kind to your soul; it has come a very long way. Be kind to your body; the vehicle of your soul. The universe would be oh so incomplete without you, my love. Originally posted by multifandom-gabi. Hey everyone good to be back! Before I start please remember that you can also check your moon and rising signs as well! You feel bound to someone who makes you happy. This week you will begin a new chapter with this person who you have been contemplating on speaking your truth to because this is something you desire.

    If not, now is the time. This week you are you to be in control and keep your guard up as you begin a new opportunity that you were fantasizing about. You had a rebirth with a soulmate that has you filled with joy. This week as you feel balanced you will be collaborating with people about tactics and strategies that you will be prepared for, you will be successful in this competition.

    Someone was being sneaky and ended things in a betrayal but you still managed to be strong. You are going to move towards other choices, you have different roads you can take when you start your new adventure. You have been feeling great and keeping your plans on the down low. You have been having anxieties about your future because you want to change your life. A new opportunity that you were insecure about before is going to have you actually able to start a new venture. Someone from your past will come around and you will have your guard up when they do but you will end up having your happy ending.

    You will be manifesting you wish to come true because you may be feeling a little powerless. Strength will find you and you will start this new beginning by speaking your mind. You had some sort of breakthrough that allowed you to gain strength and start manifesting. You are determined to stay balanced while you take action in a situation. Someone close to you will start conflict about your plans for your future but you will stay holding on to it.

    Someone from your past will come in and you are going to be very cautious around them. You are contemplating about being blunt with someone. This is a person you like but you feel insecure about this new opportunity. You are going to end up feeling balanced enough to speak to this person that you have been daydreaming about. Some sort of clarity is coming in that will cause conflict but you are you go try to stay in control even after this conflict lays a burden on you so you are going to take action in preparation of this situation.

    You took a break from communicating with someone. Transformation is coming in that you have been patiently waiting for, allowing you to see things in a new perspective. You are going to be excited and determined to start manifesting. Sorting the signs into Hogwarts Houses:. A text suddenly brought him back to reality. He chuckled and told her that he was going to order for her.

    He got stubborn. She finally agreed and joked that she wanted something expensive.. He agreed without hesitation. She stared at the response and shook her head. There was no point fighting when he sets his mind in motion. He looked around and found a yellow shirt with a sunflower in the middle. He knew how much she loved sunflowers, and some pants. He wanted to give her the best present. He always loved spoiling her like this. A Cancer stared at the mirror and looked back at his girlfriend in bed.

    He tried to flex and frowned. Suddenly he felt her arms wrapped around his waist and her head resting on his shoulder and smiled at the mirror with him.

    Capricorn and Virgo Love Compatibility

    I love you so much.. He smiled. A Capricorn arrived at the airport just in time for his girlfriend to walk out the doors. He hurriedly tried to get out only to forget to get snagged by the seatbelt. He let out a big groan and hurried to break free.

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    • A car came by and almost hit him. He cussed and hurriedly ran to her. She looked at him and frowned and quickly hugged him tightly. These past couple of days without her was tough, he was just glad to be able to hold her again. A Gemini watched as his girlfriend watched in awe as his favorite band played live.

      He watched as her eyes looked attentively as the band move and played their instruments in perfect harmony. He wanted so bad to kiss her, but he held his composure and just slowly reached for her hand, and she smiled and squeezed his hand back. A Leo looked at his girlfriend as she tries on a different dresses and she always comes back and asks for his honest opinion about it. He just smiles and nods at her every time she asks. Getting a little frustrated, she asks why he just nods and smiles.

      She threw a shoe at him and shook her head.